Motivation and moving on.... 

Why I pot!

Clay seems to have chosen to be my art form. Forming and glazing the medium has limitless opportunities; the more successful results seeing the light of day. The focus at the moment is on texture with hints of colour however I can never be too sure what may happen. As long as it is still fun in the making.


Potter Compton  2009 -

Industrial Manufacturing-  Engineering, Plastics and Adhesives 1967 -2009

Ceramics Exhibitions 2018

Artex   St Martins School East End Newbury                                 17-18 March

Meditation                         16 March -13 April

West Berkshire Open Studios                                                      12 May to 3 June

 at Arlington Arts "Insight" exhibition and The Bowls Pavillion Stockcross

Henley Arts Trail as part of West Forest Potters                 Resting this year

Pop Up shop  Nicholson Centre     Maidenhead        TBA Nov'- December

Works in Canada, Chile, China, France, Hungary, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Hawaii and UK collections